Proud Corporate Sponsor of Teach Learn Grow

10 December, 2017


Pendleton & Co are the proud Corporate Sponsor of Teach Learn Grow for their Summer Rural Program 2017 and beyond!

Teach Learn Grow (TLG) provides free one-on-one tuition and mentoring to rural and Indigenous Western Australian students, with the aim of empowering students to realise their full potential.

TLG vision is for every child in Western Australia to have equal opportunities in education regardless of location, background or circumstance.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Our Director, James Ng first learnt of TLG through an existing mentoring program with the University of Western Australia in 2016, where his mentee Allison Warrier at the time was a volunteer with TLG.

One of James and the Executive Team intrinsic motivation is to create successful businesses such as Pendleton & Co and more recently HSME Marine Engineering, is so we can give back, to improve our local communities and be in control in directly and or indirectly contributing to those in need – in this case, education, where children in Australia rural communities are falling through the education gap every day:

Pendleton & Co has since committed to support TLG annually working alongside CEO Ella Ganfield who replaced the outgoing TLG CEO Travis Ricciardo in 2017.

Learn more about TLG

TLG run two programs side-by-side which occur biannually every year to sustain our impact within the communities we visit. Both programs follow Australian Curriculum (ACARA) mathematics outcomes provided by each student’s teacher and every student is paired with their unique tutor.

TLG programs are designed to support each other, so that after TLG visit the students for a week-long Rural Program some Year 6 students are chosen for 7 weeks of specialised online video tutoring with a central focus in mentoring to provide extra individual support before their transition to high school.

For more information about TLG, please visit