Pendleton & Co Marine Division operates HSME Marine Engineering, an Australian marine engineering company specialised in manufacturing high quality marine grade products, delivering advance tailored solutions to commercial and defence vessels across Asia Pacific and navy fleets, including long term contracts with leading offshore companies.

HSME have offices across Singapore, India, Malaysia, China, Australia and Indonesia servicing the world’s leading operators, shipyards and companies. Our manufacturing capabilities comprise of a 13,000-square metre factory in Malaysia and a 300 to 350 strong workforce including subcontractors, with dedicated Project Management and Support Services Office in Perth, Western Australia.

HSME has designed and constructed specialised marine parts for over 100 vessels for over 40 operators around the World. Our long term international clientele base, supported with our continued innovative manufacturing capabilities for over 30 years proves we are able to meet standards, to the highest quality, to meet the needs of the best in the industry. Where, we have secured the trust and confidence of many customers in South East Asia, China, India, Middle East and South America.


Manufacturing of high quality marine grade products

Specialisation in marine windows, doors, ladders, hatches and accommodation systems

Hull Outfitting

Supply chain management for shipyards

Supply chain management for marine engineering parts and fittings

Major surface ships parts procurement

Design, Repairs and Fabrication

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